Truck Accident Injury

Truck Accident Lawyer in Lubbock TX,Davis Smith

West Texas is a major north-south and east-west crossroads for semi tractor-trailer traffic.Davis Smith has handled numerous trucking accident cases involving out-of-town truckers, as well as accidents involving local 18-wheeler drivers. Our investigations have often taken us far and wide, including into New Mexico when a truck accident involved Intrastate trucking.

Call us to schedule a free initial consultation if you or a family member was injured in an 18-wheeler crash or other trucking accident, whether in or near Texas, or anywhere in the country. We have a network of attorneys with whom we can associate, enabling us to take on corporate negligence wherever it may occur.
Everyone knows that a semi tractor-trailer vastly outweighs any automobile. The effects of any miscalculation on the part of the truck diver are greatly magnified because of the sheer weight and volume of a loaded vehicle. In a collision involving a car and a truck, the occupants of the car nearly always suffer more severe injuries, and fatalities are common in car-truck collisions. Our job as advocates on behalf of the injured is to uncover the true causes of a truck crash, get a clear picture of the nature of the injuries and work hard to present a case for full and fair compensation for victims.

When we investigate a trucking accident, we often discover key facts such as the following:

  • A trucking company neglected to provide drivers with safety training.
  • A truck driver was using a cell phone at the time of a crash.
  • The driver was on the road for more hours than is legally allowed in an attempt to meet delivery schedules.
  • A trucker was speeding or changed lanes without signaling.
  • A truck driver failed to adjust speed to account for hazardous road conditions such as rain.
  • A truck driver or driver of a car was under the influence of legal or illegal drugs at the time of the accident.
  • Drivers from Mexico, Canada or the U.S. are underqualified.
  • Trucks have not been inspected properly.

Call us to learn more about your legal options after suffering a head injury, spinal cord injury, broken bone or other catastrophic injury in a trucking accident in the Lubbock TX area.