Slip and Fall

Lubbock TX Slip and Fall Lawyer – Davis Smith can help if have these type of situations.

Premises liability is an area of the law by which injured people may seek compensation from property owners after accidental injuries such as:

  • Fall-down injuries involving broken steps or defective handrails
  • Slip and Fall Injuries?caused by slippery surfaces
  • Trip-and-fall accidents caused by foreign objects on floors or cracked tiles
Did you fall in an Department Store or Supermarket on a wet floor with no warning signs around? Did you slip on a slippery substance on the floor in a supermarket where management had failed to take timely action to clean up spills? Did you entangle your foot and trip on an electrical cord left behind by a subcontractor at a construction site? Whether your fall accident occurred at work or in your private life, you should consult with the Law Offices of Davis W. Smith as soon as possible.
We have settled several Trip-and -Fall and or Slip and Fall Cases for 6 figures when they involved Surgery.