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Vehicle Crashworthiness Lawyers in Lubbock


What are the criteria in determining the crashworthiness of a vehicle?
Crashworthiness is the ability of a vehicle to prevent injuries to the occupants in the event of a collision.Crashworthiness deals primarily with the?secondary collision in which the driver and passengers collide against the interior of the vehicle. The cause of the accident is usually considered irrelevant in crashworthiness cases.
Two important questions to consider when determining crashworthiness are:

Could the vehicle occupants have fared better?
Could some feature that was lacking in the vehicle have reduced the occupants’ injuries?

Vehicle Defects
Crashworthiness cases typically involve injuries that are sustained as a result of a defect in a vehicle. There are three types of product defects that can lead to injury:
Manufacturing defects where injury occurs when there is a flaw in the manufacturing process. For example, failure to include an airbag when the design calls for it is a manufacturing defect.
Design defects where injury occurs when a vehicle is unsafe because of the manufacturer’s design. For example, a fuel tank placed in a location that makes it likely to explode upon impact is a design defect.
Failure to warn where injury occurs when the manufacturer is aware of a dangerous aspect of a vehicle but fails to warn or provide adequate warning to consumers.
Our crashworthiness attorneys can help recover for you
Parties hurt in car accidents where the automobile manufacturer has failed to produce a crashworthy vehicle by selling vehicles with defective or failure-prone components should contact Davis W. Smith to evaluate the situation and determine if a lawsuit can be brought against negligent manufacturers.