Insurance Law

Insurance Lawyer Lubbock

Davis W. Smith has 20 years of experience as an Attorney and has handled many 7 figure Insurance Claims. He grew up working in his Father’s Law Office where he gathered information from Clients and was Mentored in Settlement Procedures and how to structure Personal Injury Cases to increase their Value.

Working your own Claim can be dangerous and greatly reduce it’s value. Remember the famous saying, “Only a Fool represent’s his or her Self.

Many times he is able to find Insurance Coverage where others cannot. Sometimes he can find multiple Policies that can apply.It is important to know how to work these various Claims simultaneously, schedule a Free Consultation Today to find out your Claims Value. Davis will leave no stone unturned to recover his Clients the most Money possible.

The Insurance Company is there to settle you Claim as cheaply as possible, you need a Fighter in your Corner. You need Davis W. Smith.